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No Limits

In today’s blog, I’ll share with you what happens when you don’t have power or water. There are no limits to what the imagination can conjure.

Back in 2015 when we started to stay in the farm house, we lost a bit of the conveniences we had in The Love Shack. We didn’t have electricity hooked up in the house. We also did not have running water, albeit we did have a single tap that gave us cold well water. We couldn’t drink it, but it saved us from having to haul a lot of water to the farm. But the three of us have never been one to be deterred but those inconveniences so we made do with what we had, and had a lot of fun in the process.

Here are some of the things we did with our time to entertain ourselves:

We collected tools from all over the property, and organized them into piles. This shovel mound has grown substantially over the years. Woohoo! Exciting!

We burned things. We burned lots of things.

We shot things….mainly paper targets attached to boxes, but still. We shot things.

Sometimes we moved the furniture outside and watched Star Wars in a screen tent with an old tv and VCR player. RETRO!

Because we loved our neighbour’s dog so much, we adopted a female version of our buddy, Rocky. We brought Willow to the farm and the entertainment and stress hasn’t stopped since! Hahaha. Good thing she’s cute!

Sometimes family surprises us with visits. 🙂

Sometimes we entertain ourselves in the evenings with a trip to Walmart to check out the canned weenies, the ipad camera and the toy section.

Sometimes we entertain ourselves with card games, and shadows from the lanterns and candles.

Sometimes we just take the time to appreciate the small, simple beauty of everything around us.

And sometimes we pretend that we’ve been served fingers for breakfast when we go out. It gives us something to giggle about first thing in the morning before the coffee kicks in.

Everyone has the opportunity to make every single situation a chance to think outside the box and consider what you DO have instead of what you DON’T have. Just because we didn’t have hot and cold running water and electricity, (oh, and a very creepy outhouse) didn’t mean that we were limited. We were limited in using our smartphones as well. It was awesome. If anything, it meant that we had more occasion to be creative and let our imagination do some work for us. It’s all in how you choose to look at it and so far, it’s been a whole heck of a lot of fun.


This photo of a hollyhock flower was taken at night with a flashlight. When you don't have electricity, you find creative ways to keep yourself occupied. Iphone photography at night is just one of those things! This blog gives you lots of ideas! #hydro #offgrid #nopower #poweroutage
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