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Your own private art sanctuary....

The name of the artist’s retreat originated from a contest we ran to see what the name of our art sanctuary should be. Because my art workshop business is called “The Clever Corvid Art & Art Workshops” we knew that we wanted something thematically connected. It was quite fitting that my son came up with the name “The Bird House” to reflect the whole building, and then my friend Tracy Lundstrom came up with the name “The Raven’s Roost” for the upstairs artist’s retreat. We think it is perfect: raven’s love to perch on the highest point of the trees out here on the acreage, swaying in the trees. When you are here, “roosting” on the second level, you truly feel like one of those creative corvids up in the tree tops. We hope the unique perspective and scenery will be fodder for artistic endeavors during your stay.

The Raven's Roost includes a spacious bedroom with an incredibly comfortable king sized bed. There is room to store your clothes and stay a while. You also have your own private bathroom which includes a utility sink so that you don't have to run downstairs to wash your brushes! The studio is open concept. You have your own dedicated space, 

but can still see and hear the activity happening in the workshop studio below. 

We are in the final stages of getting The Raven's Roost up and running and will update this site once photos are taken of the completed space. 

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