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Heeeere We Go!

Well, we are diving into the world of blogging and vlogging as we move forward to the next adventure of life out at “the farm” as it has been called for years now. Ironically, there is no farm here at all; just remnants of what once was. We have dealt with barbed wire fencing intertwined and literally grown into the trunks of trees. We have found horse shoe after horse shoe, yokes and other work horse paraphernalia that hearkens back to a time when the land was being utilized. We have removed at least a hundred used bags of chicken feed and realize that the soil in certain vicinities is probably just a huge, huge pile of poop. 

The outbuildings that were stuffed to the gills with stuff would have been a picker’s dream if everything were not coated in a film of oil and grease. We found out right quickly that the previous owner was definitely a mechanic of sorts, or at least really liked collecting mechanical pieces but not really doing anything with them. The scrap metal pile was a workout, if nothing else. 

Over the last few years, we have gutted, scrubbed, chopped, dug, mowed, painted and whatever other action verbs you can think of, our way towards a new home and work space. We look forward to sharing the next stages of our adventure with you, so stay tuned! We’ve got a lot coming your way. 

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