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Going Back to The Future of The Farm.House.Studio

Seriously, everything happens for a reason. I just found out late last night that I am no longer a writer for the local newspaper (I think?) as it has been shut down indefinitely (maybe?). Although I wasn’t completely dependent on the paper for my livelihood (not saying it doesn’t help pay the bills though), I did enjoy writing for the paper, and the many sidewalk conversations that ensued because of whatever topic I chose to write about that week.

With that being said, I did dedicate a chunk of time weekly to writing and now I can transfer that time over to my blog instead. This was already in the works and was just going to be added to my workload, so a bit of that pressure is being alleviated. Sometimes not being given any choice is a fantastic way to start fresh, wouldn’t you say?

Here’s the great(er) news, though. Because I have been a writer for the Northern Sun since 2014, (except for the gap of time when the paper was closed down for a while), I have all the articles that I have written stored on file. That means that I can go back to old articles that I have written about adventures at the farm and enhance them with photos and videos; something that wasn’t possible because of the constraints of newspaper, and share them with you. THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER! (Yechhh…I don’t like oysters.) How about this instead? THE WORLD IS MY PEROGY! (Yeah, that’s much better.)

Mmmmm. Perogies.

So stay tuned, because I will be sharing very regular blogs with you about the development of the farm over the last 4 years, along with new blogs that show the progress that is happening in real time. You will have an opportunity to look back with us on how far we have come in that last 4 years, as well as see exactly where we are heading tomorrow.

PS: I JUST received an email stating that I actually do still have a job writing for the Northern Sun. (Isn’t it funny that I heard from them while I’m writing this blog?) Alas, it was the kick in the pants that I needed to get working on the blog and here we are. It’s all good. I look forward to sharing with you!

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